The 2011 City Council Candidates

The annual candidate night was held last evening at the Sharpstown Community Center and it was well attended by both residents and those seeking office. It’s a city of millions but it’s still a small world, as I discovered when I bumped into Larry Payne, who was present to speak on behalf of CM Brad Bradford. When I put out my hand I knew he was familiar and he greeted me like an old colleague. My wife Elizabeth picked up

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Reggie Chevis, Sharpstown Standout

Here’s another up potential Sharpstown stand out. Recruitcosm writers have an excellent look at Reggie with video footage and an interview: Here’s what I like: – Chevis has a bouncy atheticism that 6’1? 230 lb Sophomores rarely have. – He takes very mature pursuit angles that highlight his speed. – He’s big as hell in a Steve Edmond way, though not as tall. – The highlights showed a range of versatility not just by playing offense, defense and on special

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Sharpstown International Teacher is Featured Artist

There truly is some top talent in Southwest Houston. As noted in the piece from UH, a Sharpstown International teacher has an exhibit at the Blaffer Art Museum through the end of the month. Congrats! The Blaffer Art Museum has debuted the second installment of its exhibition series, “Window into Houston,” featuring artist Patrick Renner and high school students enrolled in Blaffer’s Young Artist Apprenticeship Program.Renner, a native Houstonian and teacher at Sharpstown International Grades 6-12 School, leads the Blaffer

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Bijan Persian Grill

The menu board at Bijan Persian Grill. Table service is provided. Greater Southwest Houston Dining – A rare evening without young James Michal, who stayed home to play with his Babcia,  allowed the two grown ups a chance to visit this nice little place on Hillcroft, Bijan Persian Grill. Long time fans of this cuisine, we’ve migrated across town to Caspian and Kasra, but on our mission to enjoy places (and spend money) in our neighborhood we chose this spot.

Houston’s Best Hidden Neighborhood

Well those of us who live in the neighborhood already know this, but we are indeed a hidden gem. While the new “best of” list will be out soon, don’t forget that the Houston Press named Sharpstown as Houston’s Best Hidden Neighborhood for 2010. While everybody else is jumping on the Westbury bandwagon, you’d be wise to check out Sharpstown, which is less a “hidden” neighborhood than it is one that’s undervalued and underrated.

Sharpstown International School Open House

Sharpstown International School held an open house on September 8th and they were kind enough to record the intro in High Def and post it on Vimeo. Our neighbor, R. Flores, just graduated from the new school and he is one sharp dude. I think we’ll see some impressive things from this new school. Best of luck! 110908 Open House for the 2011-2012 School Year from Sharpstown International School on Vimeo.

Historical pics from Sharpstown

J.R. Gonzalez has a slideshow look at the historic Sharpstown Mall (Center), now PlazAmericas. Some cool pics including a young Ted Kennedy. I didn’t realize that it was a single-story a building at first. Sharpstown Shopping Center: 50 years later The anniversaries keep coming. Fifty years ago today, Sharpstown Center opened out in the edge of what was then Houston’s suburbs. Though Sharpstown wasn’t the first suburban retail center in the city, it was Houston’s first enclosed shopping center. That

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