St. Agnes Academy refiles nightclub lawsuit

It appears the lawsuit that St. Agnes Academy filed against numerous parties, and subsequently dropped, has been refiled. No lengthy comment from the Attorney for SAA, but it seems to be the exact same suit. has more:

St. Agnes takes another shot

Remember the lawsuit St. Agnes filed and then dropped to thwart the opening of a bar near its new athletic fields?

The all girls private school refiled the lawsuit last week against the City of Houston, the bar and the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

John Boch, an attorney for the school, offered little comment on why the school chose to restart the bar fight, saying only that the school’s “board of directors wanted to refile.”

The lawsuit is no different from the one previously dropped, he said.

Janice Evans, a spokeswoman for the city, said it had yet to be served.

It’s pretty simple really. This type of business (a Night Club) will never lead to a redeveloped and more vibrant Sharpstown or greater southwest Houston. This is the type of business that a property owner takes as a last resort. The risk of failure is high. The potential liability from the usual suspects: drunk patrons crashing their cars, fights, and drug use  is the reason landlords run from this type of tenant if they have any other viable renter.

It’s not (entirely) their fault that they do not. We as a community have to step up and insist that our leaders develop an economic growth plan that will encourage viable, family oriented, long term partners back into our community. But in the meantime, let’s support SAA as they defend our neighborhood.

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