Historical pics from Sharpstown

J.R. Gonzalez has a slideshow look at the historic Sharpstown Mall (Center), now PlazAmericas. Some cool pics including a young Ted Kennedy. I didn’t realize that it was a single-story a building at first.

Sharpstown Shopping Center: 50 years later

The anniversaries keep coming. Fifty years ago today, Sharpstown Center opened out in the edge of what was then Houston’s suburbs.

Though Sharpstown wasn’t the first suburban retail center in the city, it was Houston’s first enclosed shopping center. That actually was one of many “firsts” attached to the center, all of which seemed to speed up the exodus of commerce from downtown. For example:

– The first suburban Foley’s opened at Sharpstown.

– Battelstein’s, which had stores on Main Street and in River Oaks, opened its first store in a shopping center there.

– Houston Trunk Factory opened its first suburban store there.

– Florsheim had its first suburban store in the center.

I used to shop there in the late 1980’s when I lived in the Galleria area but worked in Southwest Houston near Braeburn Valley West. It was a palace. Nice job by J.R. culling the pics from the Chronicle archive.

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