Bijan Persian Grill

The menu board at Bijan Persian Grill. Table service is provided.

Greater Southwest Houston Dining – A rare evening without young James Michal, who stayed home to play with his Babcia,  allowed the two grown ups a chance to visit this nice little place on Hillcroft, Bijan Persian Grill. Long time fans of this cuisine, we’ve migrated across town to Caspian and Kasra, but on our mission to enjoy places (and spend money) in our neighborhood we chose this spot.

Parking was a bit cramped but available, and the Wednesday evening crowd wasn’t huge, however we were early and it seemed like mostly regulars. The menu is a collection of photos,  making it easy for those not familiar with the dishes. I enjoyed a classic mixed Koobideh, beef & chicken, with the Albalu Polow, sweet cherries, almonds, & pistachios. This is essentially ground meat that is mixed with grated white onion and spices (turmeric) then formed into little fingerlings and grilled. If you like grilled meat then this cuisine is for you. Very flavorful, moist, and tender and the light basmati rice goes with it perfectly.  Elizabeth chose the Barg with a sour topping, barberries instead of cherries.

Koobideh w/ Albalu Polow


Barg with Sour topping (barberries)
A happy diner.

Shirazi salad, taffoon bread, hummus, herb and feta cheese plate…all the usual sides are available. They also have an impressive outdoor area. In the cooler weather it would be great to sit out there and enjoy a meal with a large group. Flat panel TVs in the corners with “football” on each channel. This is one of hundreds of really different, fun, and delicious places to dine in our neighborhood. Give them a try!


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  • Rodrigo Cañedo

    I’ve seen bijam but never stopped in.

    A little on the pricey side but delicious is Garson on Hillcroft just north of Richmond. Right next to the pizza place with the huge sign.

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