Reggie Chevis, Sharpstown Standout

Here’s another up potential Sharpstown stand out. Recruitcosm writers have an excellent look at Reggie with video footage and an interview:

Here’s what I like:

– Chevis has a bouncy atheticism that 6’1? 230 lb Sophomores rarely have.
– He takes very mature pursuit angles that highlight his speed.
– He’s big as hell in a Steve Edmond way, though not as tall.
– The highlights showed a range of versatility not just by playing offense, defense and on special teams, but also within each facet.

Keeping in mind that the highlights were sophomore film I don’t have many complaints, but here’s what I’d like to see more of:

– Rather than just running around making plays, I’d like to see him have a plan before each snap.
– I didn’t see much rushing technique.
– I’m not saying he plays passively (his combination of size and speed won’t allow it) but I’d like to see him run through people a bit more.

All in all I liked what I saw and enjoyed talking to him quite a bit. He’s an extremely friendly and exuberant kid and he became the most animated when discussing his teammates and Sharpstown’s rivalry with Houston Yates.

These kids are huge today. Seriously, a sophomore that’s already 230 lbs. and Six’ One. Wow! Best of luck to him, he’s one to watch.


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