Declining rail ridership means higher costs and fewer buses

Tory Gattis,  notes on the Houston Strategies Blog, that the extension of rail service in Houston could cause us to meet the same fate as other metro areas; more rail, less buses, higher taxes, and less mobility for those that really need it. He discusses a new study released by the Coalition on Sustainable Transportation that recounts the real world results of expanding rail transit systems. One may look at the data in the table above in many ways, but,

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St. Agnes Academy refiles nightclub lawsuit

It appears the lawsuit that St. Agnes Academy filed against numerous parties, and subsequently dropped, has been refiled. No lengthy comment from the Attorney for SAA, but it seems to be the exact same suit. has more: St. Agnes takes another shot Remember the lawsuit St. Agnes filed and then dropped to thwart the opening of a bar near its new athletic fields? The all girls private school refiled the lawsuit last week against the City of Houston, the

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