District J – 30 Day Finance Reports

The thirty day reports have been filed and while I have yet to complete a detailed analysis,  there are a few surprises. Mike Laster had the best success raising funds with almost $40K raised in the last 90 days. Criselda Romero and Rodrigo Canedo also raised a respectable amount considering it’s a district race.

I’ll do a zip code by zip code analysis to determine the level of financial support for each candidate INSIDE THE DISTRICT of registered voters, not business operators who live elsewhere.  The biggest surprise for me was the $10,000 to Romero by Bob (and Doylene) Perry. Not counting those funds Criselda raised a paltry $910 bucks, a disappointing amount no matter how you shake it. Rodrigo raised three times that amount after deducting family contributions.

Alas, we received more than those amounts in checks within a week of our kickoff event, which was promptly returned after realizing my voter registration fiasco would keep me off the ballot.

More to follow.


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