Property Owners battle Management District

It’s clear to all parties at this point that a majority of the commercial property owners in the boundaries of the Montrose Management District are not happy to be governed by the new entity. Both Texas Watchdog’s Steve Miller and the Houston Chronicle have an interesting view of the escalating dispute between the appointed board of directors and the businesses they represent.

New Corporate HQ in Sharpstown

As reported by the Houston Business Journal: Houston-based DataVox    , an information technology systems company, is constructing a new corporate headquarters building near Beltway 8 and Bellaire Boulevard. The corporate headquarters will be housed in a $10 million, three-story building designed by American Commerical Contractors, the company said Nov. 15 in a statement. The building will feature a three-story glass curtain wall atrium, skybridges, breakrooms,meetingspace, a server room and a warehouse. DataVox expects to open the headquarters in September

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More on District J – Canvass Report

Well the canvass report (draft) of the 2011 General Election is now available and for me there were a few surprises in our district. Mike Laster won the race hands down in every category, winning the majority of votes cast  in every precinct except one, Pct 731, where Criselda Romero got 13 of 22 votes. It hardly mattered. In my view we have a get out the vote (GOTV) problem, not a lack of registered voters. Raw data in spreadsheet

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Thoughts on the District J Race

Congratulations to CM-Elect Mike Laster who will represent the new District J on City Council. We were lucky to have a group of thoughtful, bright, and genuinely nice candidates to compete for a chance to take our concerns to City Hall. I had the pleasure to meet all three, enjoying lengthy conversations with Criselda Romero and Rodrigo Canedo. My spouse and I also had the chance to chat with Mike at several candidate functions and he’ll be a strong voice

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Visualization of Election Data by Council District

The election data compiled by Greg Wythe over at the Texas Political Almanac is enlightening and valuable. I’m most interested in how District J compares to the rest of the city. It was obvious to me that while J has a population within 5% of the average for all districts, the real component of political influence would be actual voters. Greg had written before about the Voting Age Population (VAP) and the Citizen VAP (CVAP) metrics, and it is clear

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