And the Voter Registration Cert Arrives

As many of you know, I was unable to successfully file for a place on the November 8th Ballot as my voter registration had been cancelled.Thanks to new legislative efforts to make it more difficult to register I discovered that it would take some time after re-applying in order to be approved and get a new card in the mail.

After checking online and verifying that a new cert# had been issued to me, I waited (and waited and waited) for a new card to arrive. When it hadn’t arrived by Friday of last week I called Harris County to make sure it had been mailed. The clerk verified the re-application was received over  seven weeks ago (and long approved) but I was yet to get a card. The very nice, professional clerk informed me that it is mailed by a third party (from out-of-state I think), bulk rate mail, and that it normally takes ten or more days for it to arrive.

“But you can use your Drivers License”…


Of course, I said,  but I’m supposed to get a card in the mail within a certain time frame I believe. She offered to print me one in person if I could come down to the Harris County Office. This was an option I did not know existed, but I said no thanks, I’m sure it will come before early voting ends.

On Monday, the card arrived.

And on Tuesday, an envelope arrived from Don Sumners Office. Inside was a  freshly printed voter registration certificate. Seems someone decided to print one, throw it in the mail, and make this voter happy.

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