Chronicle Editorial Board Agrees – Downtown Subsidy Not Needed

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In a short but direct editorial in yesterday’s Houston Chronicle, questions were raised¬† about the need to abate $75 million in taxes to assist downtown developers, when other areas are in greater need. They even mentioned that it could be used for streets, which are terrible. Great incentives already are in place for developers to build in downtown Houston ($) The latest: Now, when our roads are in such disrepair, the city wants to use up to $75 million of

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Tax Subsidy for Downtown Redevelopment to Double


The program that provides a $15,000 per unit to developers building in the Downtown District is poised to double. The proposal will increase the number of subsidized units from 2500 to 5000 residential units and increase the tax abatement to $75 Million. Houston Chronicle:¬† “Downtown views call to many suburbanites” For Krishnan Iyer, moving downtown meant a lot of things: Not having to use his car in auto-dependent Houston, being able to walk to work, to restaurants, to the movies.

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City Council Stakeholder Input Just Political Theater

City Hall Makes Aggressive Push for Animal Ordinance When I became aware of this proposal last fall, by chance really, I thought there would be some opportunity to engage BARC managers and Administration executives to help shape and mold this ordinance. I could not have been more mistaken! It’s important to remember that BARC was placed under the Regulatory Affairs Department (ARA), which is the group that issues permits and regulates various entities. There should be no surprise that the

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