jim-portrait-photo-snip2Jim is the co-founder of the Southwest Houston Alliance (@SWHouAlliance), a community organization focused on greenspace & parks, economic development, and neighborhood renewal. A focused, driven community leader, he’s been a tireless voice on issues that directly impact our quality of life.

Jim has been engaged on improving the transparency and effectiveness of local government organizations, to include an array of special (management) districts and tax increment zones (TIRZ). These groups, with no elected leadership, tax, issue debt, spend, and impact our neighborhoods. He’s worked effectively to hold these groups accountable.

Jim traveled to Austin during the 84th Legislature to provide testimony on  reform legislation (HB3097 & HB613), that would improve the efficacy of special districts. He penned a break through Op-Ed piece for the Houston Chronicle (TIRZ for the Worse, Jan 2015) that identified for the first time the real reason for TIRZ zone expansion, use of a loophole that beats the City of Houston’s voter approved property tax cap.

Jim has lived or worked or both, in the southwest Houston community for over twenty-five years and is the immediate past president of the Sharpstown Civic Association (SCA). He has worked across the community as a member and participant of the Sharpstown Superneighborhood Council.

Jim is an experienced business manager, arriving in Houston in the late 1980’s and has worked in operations and development roles for a number of Fortune 500 companies.  Today he and his wife own an operate a successful retail business in southwest Houston.

Jim is a husband and dad, with a young son who attends St. Francis De Sales School, and with his wife Elizabeth is active in the community, serving as a volunteer and coach for Bayland Park Little league.  He’s the son of a retired U.S. Air Force Master Sergeant and is a veteran, having served as an Drill Instructor, teaching basic training and Infantry school to young soldiers in the U.S. Army.


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