City of Houston “Discriminatory” Housing Policies Draw Lawsuit: Threatens Federal Harvey Disaster Relief Funds

An Austin-based group, the Texas Low Income Housing Information Service, has filed a federal lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to block Harvey disaster recovery funds due to ongoing violations of the Title VI of the Civil Rights Act relating to housing. The City of Houston is not a named party. The suit filed on Tuesday, March 20th, 2018 in United States District Court, DC District, (Civ. Action No. 1:18-cv-00644) requests the following remedy: (Lawsuit

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Low Income Tax Credit Property Approved by Texas Housing Department: Largest Project in Texas Poised for Sharpstown

SNIP TX Housing Board 12-2017

The 805 unit Vista On Gessner, low-income-housing-tax-credit project (LIHTC), located in southwest Houston in the heart of the Sharpstown community, was approved by the Texas Housing Department on December 14th, 2017. With no further regulatory hurdles, the project will proceed where upon completion of the rehab the units will be restricted to tenants who earn no more than 60% of the area median income. While disappointing, it came as little surprise, as the Turner administration made it clear the project

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Dalcor Properties Revealed as Public Face of Low Income Housing Deal; Warren Buffett’s Berkshire will be Real owner

Hearing 11-14- TEXAS HOUSING- Bonds pic 1

(Left: Teresa Morales, Texas Housing Department; Dale Dodson, Dalcor; Unidentified,  Hearing Transcript Reporter- Photo by Jim Bigham) The latest information about the project was revealed recently, during a required Texas Dept. of Housing Bond hearing, held Tuesday Nov. 14th at the Walter Branch Library. About forty attendees listened as citizens expressed their concerns and asked questions of Dalcor owner Dale Dodson and State official Teresa Morales. Concerns varied as a 45 year resident inquired about HUD blocking Harvey funds because

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Community Opposes Low Income Tax Credit Apartment project poised for approval by Houston City Council

Dodson-Public Hearing SNIP

(Picture : Dale Dodson – Dalcor Properties CEO at Public Hearing on Nov. 15th, 2017 via HTV) Following a public hearing last week on Nov 15th, Houston City Council will be asked to approve a resolution of no opposition to the proposed $105 million Vista on Gessner project this coming week on Wednesday Nov. 29th. If successful, this entire complex will be rehabbed and will only be available for tenants who must qualify under strict income limitations. Given tax exempt

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Important Update: More Information about the Proposed Low Income Housing For Sharpstown


We’ve continued to collect information about this project, holding a lengthy conference call today with Dalcor CEO Dale Dodson and Executive VP Randy Plitt. The Dallas-based apartment developer, DALCOR AFFORDABLE HOUSING, is attempting to acquire and convert the 20 acre apartment property at 6425 S. Gessner near Bellaire, to a dedicated, low-income housing complex. (DOCUMENTS FROM DALCOR) They were very gracious speaking to issues relating to the financing package, tenant qualification, income requirements, project lifespan, and notice to the community.

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Important Community Alert: More Low Income Housing on the Way for Sharpstown-Southwest Houston


A Dallas-based apartment developer, DALCOR AFORDABLE HOUSING, is attempting to acquire and convert the 20 acre apartment property at 6425 S. Gessner near Bellaire, to a dedicated, low-income housing complex. Located in the heart of Sharpstown, across from Strake Jesuit High School, this is reportedly part of a $105 million plan to rehab the 805 unit complex, using Federal tax credits and Texas Housing Bonds. Notification of the project was sent as required by Texas Govt. Code 2306 to our

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Houston Debt poised to skyrocket via TIRZ program, while City Charter bars new debt for Street projects.


ReBuild Houston PAY-GO (or pay as you go) financing was a bold story, designed to persuade just enough voters to pass a $100 million annual drainage fee (tax). A key feature of the ReBuild Houston program was that we were to no longer issue new debt for street and drainage projects. Over time as the existing debt would be paid down, more cash flow would be available to directly pay for projects. So, you see, just be patient, it will

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Invisible Government – Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones in Houston- Texas Public Policy Foundation Panel – Jan 2017

Invis Gov SPLASH

(Panelists: Charles Blain, Sen. Sylvia Garcia, CM Larry Green- District K, Jim Bigham) With Governor Greg Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick’s recent spotlight on the tremendous resources¬† carefully partitioned off within the City of Houston’s Tax Increment Zones (TIRZ), I thought this would be a good time to revisit a policy discussion held earlier this year about this so-called invisible government. I joined Charles Blain with Empower Texans, along with Sen. Sylvia Garcia and Council Member Larry Green –

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