City of Houston – Capital Improvement Plan 2013+

The Mayor’s Office, along with Council Member Mike Laster’s team, conducted the annual Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) meeting last evening at the Sharpstown Community Center. Mayor Parker, CM Laster, and panelists from various city departments provided an overview of many development projects, including the opening slide show about Rebuild Houston. The speakers were professional, articulate, and informative, and I came away with the feeling that there is a well thought out plan of action. CM Mike Laster in particular was

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Declining rail ridership means higher costs and fewer buses

Tory Gattis,  notes on the Houston Strategies Blog, that the extension of rail service in Houston could cause us to meet the same fate as other metro areas; more rail, less buses, higher taxes, and less mobility for those that really need it. He discusses a new study released by the Coalition on Sustainable Transportation that recounts the real world results of expanding rail transit systems. One may look at the data in the table above in many ways, but,

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