I’m a strong advocate of single stream recycling and we should work hard to help us become a nationally recognized leader in green programs. The extreme drought not withstanding, we are facing perhaps billions in costs for additional water treatment facilities and we have to do more than raise revenues to pay for it. In our household, we added high quality, low volume toilets last year and we watched our water usage drop by almost one third. Imagine the reduction in demand for water if a few hundred thousand residents did the same thing. As we have seen this year with the severe drought, water is our most precious resource. We should work to support programs that will reduce or delay the need to spend revenue on new water facilities. We must  look at reducing the growth of demand first, then have a plan to add capacity.

There are many other items that are important such as:

Renewed focus on communicating Neighborhood protection ordinances and preventing violations. Developing a property owner resource group to help communicate deed restriction and nuisance rules to tenants. A better quality neighborhood means higher rents for the landlords. We’re all in the same boat, we just need to row in the same direction.

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