City Sponsored Organizations

It’s time we insist that groups like management districts, development corporations, tax reinvestment zones, and other quasi, public-private organizations become more responsive to taxpayers. We must demand greater transparency, efficiency, and accountability of these so-called shadow government entities. The rapid expansion of these groups of un-elected boards, who in general have the authority to tax, borrow, and spend public money, may well threaten the flexibility and fairness of the allocation of city resources.

At some level there is a grand contradiction: Shiny new district signs, at the cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars, while the street below is crumbling, the sidewalk pavers have failed, and trash collects at the curb. I applaud the effort, and as I’ve said image and perception are important, but you can’t just put new paint on a house that new needs a new foundation. I’m disappointed that for many of these groups financial records and meeting minutes are not available online. This is just not acceptable with today’s technology and we will work to change it.

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