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City Council Stakeholder Input Just Political Theater

City Hall Makes Aggressive Push for Animal Ordinance When I became aware of this proposal last fall, by chance really, I thought there would be some opportunity to engage BARC managers and Administration executives to help shape and mold this ordinance. I could not have been more mistaken! It’s important to remember that BARC was placed under the Regulatory Affairs Department (ARA), which is the group that issues permits and regulates various entities. There should be no surprise that the

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Two More Homicides in the Richmond Corridor

murder- westheimer jan 2014

                  (HPD Graphic of reported murder on 1/14) Another murder yesterday in the Richmond corridor (Pagewood-Rocky Road near the Tanglewilde subdivision) makes it two more in January. That means there have been thirteen murders, nine of which occurred in or near the apartments located in this community since January 1st, 2013. There were only four homicides in residential locations in the Westwood area over the same time period.  As I pointed out

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Homicide Hot Spot? How about the Richmond Corridor!

I’m back to posting after a long hiatus, and I hope to be more consistent and prolific over 2014. There’s much to do and say, and I’ll do so here as an individual, separate from my responsibilities with the Sharpstown Civic Association. Here we go:                 Frustrating is the nicest thing I can say about the latest piece in the Houston Chronicle (January 16th, 2014: “HPD concentrates on hot spots to reduce homicides”)

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Sharpstown Crime Surge? No, But The Galleria Is A Different Story

In response to the story: “HPD maps out spikes in criminal activity”; Anita Hassan, Houston Chronicle, May 25th 2012. Once a story takes hold it’s awfully hard to change it and that’s exactly what’s happened to Sharpstown, a neighborhood supposedly entangled in a drama of graffiti, gangs, and a surge of violent crime. It does make compelling news copy, but it could have and perhaps should have been written about the Galleria, not Sharpstown.

Sharpstown, we simply have no clout, (yet)!

Transitioning from observer to neophyte participant has been an eye opening experience for me. Often in business, science, and politics we have an idea about why a particular situation exists. So as our neighborhood was merged into one of the two, new city council districts, I had a simple idea. I felt strongly that we would find ourselves in an economically and politically weak district, with little leverage to influence government to provide our fair share of resources. But what

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City of Houston – Capital Improvement Plan 2013+

The Mayor’s Office, along with Council Member Mike Laster’s team, conducted the annual Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) meeting last evening at the Sharpstown Community Center. Mayor Parker, CM Laster, and panelists from various city departments provided an overview of many development projects, including the opening slide show about Rebuild Houston. The speakers were professional, articulate, and informative, and I came away with the feeling that there is a well thought out plan of action. CM Mike Laster in particular was

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Property Owners battle Management District

It’s clear to all parties at this point that a majority of the commercial property owners in the boundaries of the Montrose Management District are not happy to be governed by the new entity. Both Texas Watchdog’s Steve Miller and the Houston Chronicle have an interesting view of the escalating dispute between the appointed board of directors and the businesses they represent.

New Corporate HQ in Sharpstown

As reported by the Houston Business Journal: Houston-based DataVox    , an information technology systems company, is constructing a new corporate headquarters building near Beltway 8 and Bellaire Boulevard. The corporate headquarters will be housed in a $10 million, three-story building designed by American Commerical Contractors, the company said Nov. 15 in a statement. The building will feature a three-story glass curtain wall atrium, skybridges, breakrooms,meetingspace, a server room and a warehouse. DataVox expects to open the headquarters in September

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